Civil professional responsability

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Civil professional responsability

Corporate Liability Insurance protects you from the financial consequences of property, economic and personal damage for which you are liable.

Corporate liability also protects you from the financial consequences of risks to your facilities, business, products and the environment.

You can also insure special risks such as loss of use, costs of assembly and disassembly, damage due to compounds and mixtures or damage to the object worked and the objects entrusted.
Architects and Building Engineers

The basic coverage protects from civil claims of third parties provided by law for property damage and personal damage. The additional “Damage and Defects on Structures” coverage – abbreviated as damage to works – allows architects or building engineers to protect themselves from civil claims by contractors or agents.

Electrical, mechanical and building engineering engineers

Professional civil liability shall bear the costs for damage to installations, constructions and persons, as well as for material and economic damage, and shall reject the unfounded claims of third parties. It also covers claims of legal liability for faulty process control software, as well as for damage, destruction or loss of customer records.

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