Health Insurance

KVG and complementary health

Health Insurance

The diversity of the offer in the field of health insurance will allow each person to find the sickness fund that suits him according to his profile. However, in order to choose well, there are a few criteria to take into consideration before making your choice:

  1. The amounts of fee
  2. Quality and benefits
  3. The options


Fees vary from one health fund to another based on several criteria such as the Frachise level, age, type of insurance or place of residence. In addition, premiums are also reassessed annually. As a reminder, regarding the basic insurance, benefits are defined by the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and are identical between the different insurers.

Quality & benefits

When selecting your health insurance fund, the quality of the services, the repayment period, the clarity of the information transmitted, and the availability of your insurer are  factors to consider.

Insurance models (classic or alternative)

Depending on your needs, some health insurance funds offer more advantageous conditions (up to 25% savings on premiums) for some health insurance models (HMO, Family Physician, PPO, Telmed).

These more restrictive models do not always represent large constraints.

Complementary health (LIC)

Supplementary insurance is governed by the provisions of the Federal Insurance Contract Act (LIC). The KVG and the LIC are often on the same insurance certificate, but do not function the same.

Supplementary insurance may be taken in a company other than the KVG. The role of an LIC is to cover benefits not covered by the base (hospitalization, certain medicines, maternity…).

To find out which supplement suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

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