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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an integral part of wealth planning. There are good reasons to undertake succession planning early enough.

Only few people make provisions for death. In the absence of an estate disposition, the law get applied and unfortunately it is not often in line with the wishes of the person. The law of succession permit adjustments which allow the disposing part to decide on the allocation of his patrimony.

When the time comes to properly plan your estate, you can return it according to your wishes and, if necessary, those of your loved ones, to avoid conflicts between your heirs . If certain heirs or property forming part of the estate are located abroad, international estate planning becomes necessary to avoid any misunderstanding, in particular tax.

A solid knowledge of civil and tax rules is necessary for optimal planning. Rinsura SA has expertise in this field and its specialists assist customers in determining their wishes, compare them with the legal bases and finally, help them to set up adequate provisions for cause of death.

Heritage Planning: 

At the wealth council, financial planning is a dynamic analysis that ensures the financial balance of the wealth and ensures an optimal distribution between its various assets, from real estate to financial investments, through the retirement envelopes. For each of them, including the mortgage debts that are necessarily part of the equation, it is a question of taking into account the main aspects of risk, return, taxation and liquidity value.

One of the great merits of financial planning is to anticipate future cash flows. It treats them in such a way as to differentiate between the capital needed to finance the lifestyle and the reserve capital, in view of retirement, for example. However, measures to optimize taxes, or even assets, result in different constraints that it is important to know how to control in order to preserve the funds intended for financing major life projects.

Our approach

Detect that the constitution of the patrimony respects the elementary rules of diversification and presents coherent risk profiles .

Protect potential future events, such as the dissolution of the matrimonial regime that could disrupt the balance of the patrimony.

Arbitrate at company level, it is usually sufficient to make the right trade-offs, in terms of occupational pension provision, management of cash surpluses or distribution of income between wages and dividends.

Activate first, we analyze your overall wealth situation and then propose an action plan to better exploit the financial, legal, fiscal and structural aspects of your wealth.

Do you have questions about the planning theme? We put our specialized know-how at your disposal and offer you complete advice.

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